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Recommended Maintenance Specials

Routine maintenance is important for maintaining your RV's value and insuring a safe and hassle-free RV experience. 


A/C Service $79.99
Recommended annually to improve performance & operating efficiency.  A must in the desert!
(price is per unit)

  • Check compressor voltage and amperage
  • Check and clean evaporator and condenser fins
  • Check and clean evaporator filter

Water Heater Service $49.99
Recommended annually for fuel efficiency & safe operation.

  • Drain and flush water heater
  • Check anode rod
  • Check and clean flu tube
  • Check relief valve
  • Check burner and electrode

LP system inspection $69.99
Recommended annually

  • Check LP regulator and tank(s)
  • Drop pressure test
  • Inspect and test LP detectors

Full Winterization $99.99 (service call not included)
Recommended when storing your RV in Las Vegas and/or traveling to cold climates.

  • Includes up to 2 gal antifreeze; Most units only require two however, additional antifreeze is available for $5.49/gal if needed.
  • Drain all holding tanks(fresh water tank & water heater) 
  • Pump antifreeze through all water lines
  • Fill all p-traps with antifreeze

Electrical Inspection $79.99
Recommended every six months to maintain safe operation and electrical problems.

  • Check 110VAC/12VDC polarity
  • Check converter output
  • Check outlets/GFCI
  • Check generator output
  • Check monitor panel and circuit breakers

Refrigerator Inspection $39.99              Recommended annually for safe operation and longevity.

  • Clean and adjust burner tube and orifice
  • Verify proper operation on LP
  • Verify amps and voltage of 110v heating elements
  • Check voltage to circuit board
  • Check roof vent
  • Check temperatures

Battery Service $39.99  *per battery inspected/serviced*
Recommended every six months. 

  • Check overall state of battery
  • Check electrolyte and fill all cells with distilled water
  • Load test and advise
  • Clean and tighten all terminals
  • Apply protection to terminals

        *certain restrictions may apply*

50 Point Inspection starting at $189.99 (price based on unit type/size)
This is a thorough annual check-up for your RV.  Also great when buying or selling your RV.

  • Check all appliances
  • Check converter and inverter
  • Check all outlets
  • Check generator
  • Check LP system
  • Check plumbing system








































































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